The Student Assessment License authorizes the licensee and authorized users in relevant states or school districts to:
  • Include excerpts of licensed works in U.S. state or federal government-sponsored K-12 standards-based assessment tests and related preparatory materials.
  • Commission third-party assessment developers to create and/or administer such assessments and materials on behalf of the licensee.
  • Store an electronic copy of each work portion in an "item bank" for access and use by authorized users in connection with the creation of such assessments and preparatory materials.
  • Make such assessments and prep materials available for use by states/schools/students in any number desired by the relevant state or school district.
  • Make copies of the final, graded assessments publicly available for review (e.g., by parents, administrators, etc.) after the assessment is conducted and scored except when specifically restricted by applicable Terms.
This work is not currently covered for use in student assessments or for related uses under the Student Assessment License. To inquire about using in a student assessment, please click on the "Request coverage" link.
The rightsholder has explicitly denied the use of this work in student assessments under the Student Assessment License (SAL)
Rightsholder Terms